A leading beatbox crew and music producer collective in Japan. They release tracks centered on dance music, exclusively utilizing beatbox sounds. At the world championship "Grand Beatbox Battle 2021", "SORRY" (SO-SO & RUSY) became the first Japanese world champions in the tag team category, while SARUKANI secured second place in the crew category. Subsequently representing Japan, they provided the song "XvoiceZ feat. SARUKANI" to the acclaimed a cappella group The Gospellers, attracting attention by bringing a fresh breeze to the music industry with appearances as the opening act for the Madeon JAPAN TOUR 2023 and performing at SUMMER SONIC 2023. Moreover, they are also active as music creators individually, contributing songs to various media and programs.


            • HA-NI-HO-HE-TO-I-RO

            • HUMANBORG

            • RICEBALL ROLLING

            • Genkai Beatbox Boys (feat. Scott Jackson)

            • What’s Your Favorite Number?